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Stretch Mark Vanishing Serum

Maximum Strength Treatment Ingredients for visible improvement in skin damage. A must for Post Pregnancy Stretch Mark Repair.

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Targeted Stretch Mark and Scar Repair

Super concentrated serum rich in Collagen building Peptides and Botanicals boosts skin renewal and damage repair.

  • Regestril is shown in clinical testing to improve color, texture and depth of stretch marks
  • Centella Asiatica fuels the build of Collagen fibers critical for skin strength and repair
  • Post Pregnancy Treatment delivers maximum strength ingredients for targeted results


Safe for Pregnancy and Nursing


basq NYC safety seal Skin Care safe for pregnancy and nursing

Use Instructions

Apply to new or existing marks massaging for 30 seconds. Use twice daily for at least 8 weeks. Regular application leads to better long term results. view all ingredients