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  • 1 oz Stretch Mark Butter: This targeted treatment for marks and scars is our best seller – clinically proven ingredients deliver maximum stretch mark protection.
  • .5 oz Resilient Body Oil: Full body nourishment that tones, strengthens and builds resiliency skin while stopping the itchies!
  • 4 oz Skin Perfecting Sugar Scrub: Buff away dry, flakey skin and kick-start skin renewal critical for stretch mark prevention & repair.


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full-size stop stretch marks membership value kit: a $75 value yours for $54 (that's a $21 savings!) automatically delivered to your door every 10 weeks!

We’ve made fighting marks easy. Enjoy full size products of our best routine for stopping stretch marks at a huge discount!
  • 4 oz Stretch Mark Butter
  • 2 oz Resilient Body Stretch Mark Oil
  • 8 oz Skin Perfecting Sugar Scrub

Step 1, Exfoliate:

Fight marks Deep Down! Use Skin Perfecting Sugar Scrub once or twice a week to sweep away that dry dull surface layer and kick start renewal and repair.

Step 2, Strengthen:

SOS for the Full Body Stretch! Use Resilient Body Stretch Mark Oil for full body toning and nourishment so you can stretch further without marking.

Step 3, Target Marks:

Target mark prone areas on the belly, bust and hips. Use Advanced Stretch Mark Butter for maximum protection with our targeted stretch mark treatment ingredients.