Soothing Spa Socks

Soften, smooth and moisturize dry, rough feet and heels. Full length socks up to knees. Gel lined socks deliver hydration packed with vitamins and nutrients that work immediately!

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Use Moisturizing Gel Treatment Spa Socks at Home

Wrap your feet in moisture and say goodbye to dry rough heels and overworked skin. These spa socks have a unique triglyceride gel lining rich in nutrients that help improve skin barrier function and increase skin hydration. The gel lining releases omega infused oils as you wear the socks. Smoothing and nourishing your skin on contact, these socks repair dry feet, rough heels and hard calluses on contact. With each use the skin condition improves. Best of all, the oils only release when wrapped around your feet so there is no mess or greasy feel.

Use Spa Socks at Home

Place spa socks on clean feet and calves. Wear 20 – 30 minutes and feel the difference. Clean by turning inside out and dust with powder or wipe with a damp cloth and they are ready for next use.

Triglyceride Gel Technology Comes From Burn Healing Research

Triglyceride gel technology is a breakthrough treatment that grew out of burn healing research. Skin change happens from the inside out, the deeper layers are where damage occurs. Triglyceride gels are infused with nutrient rich oils. The gel lining literally wraps the skin in nutrition--gentle and irritant free, and releases continuous moisturization. view all ingredients

"Cold weather accoutrements with a twist...Socks nourish and repair in minutes!"

– Rachel Zoe


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  1. Oh happy day

    My feet were in even better condition (softer, smoother, fully hydrated) then they were after my pedicure- oh happy day!

  2. Fixed my feet

    They are amazing. My feet are really dry and my heels are a mess – especially in flip flops. I wore the socks and I couldn’t believe how fast they worked, they really fixed my feet.