The Perfect Kit of Minis to Prevent and Repair Stretch Marks

This expecting mama’s mini kit includes our must have products built to keep your skin resilient, smooth and mark-free during pregnancy.

  • Citrus Sugar Skin Perfecting Scrub jumpstarts skin turnover, sweeps away dry skin and aids product absorption.
  • Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter has powerful active ingredients, Biopeptides and plant extracts that boost collagen renewal to prevent damage before it starts.
  • Resilient Body Stretch Mark Oil is an Omega rich blend of oils specifically selected for their ability to prevent scar formation and heal skin damage,  in three gorgeous aromas: Lavender, Citrus and Eucalyptus. 

Use Instructions

Citrus Skin Perfecting Scrub Use in the shower in circular movements to slough off dry skin. Rinse thoroughly.

Advanced Stretch Mark Butter Apply to stretch mark prone areas: Chest, Belly, Hips and Lower Back.

Resilient Body Stretch Mark Oil can be applied all over to help skin stay strong, resilient and nourished. Best if applied before Stretch Mark Butter (layer the butter on top) or alternate between the two, day and night.