The Best Routine to Prevent and Repair Stretch Marks

3 easy steps to surviving pregnancy with Stretch Mark Free skin! This is the absolute best routine for stretch mark prevention and p bounce back. It will leave your skin hydrated and glowing. 

Step 1 - Remove Dry Skin -

Exfoliating Citrus Sugar Scrub removes dry skin to allow for optimal product absorption.

Step 2 - Keep Stretching Skin Strong -

Omega Rich Resilient Body Oils build skin elasticity and resiliency.

Step 3 - Protect Skin from Stretch Marks -

Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter targets marks with clinically proven ingredients Darutoside, Algisium C and BioPeptides.


Use Instructions

Use Citrus Sugar Skin Perfecting Scrub weekly to sweep away dry itchy skin.

Use Resilient Body Stretch Mark Oil daily all over the body to tone and strengthen stretching skin.

Use Intensive Treatment Stretch Mark Butter twice daily on stretch mark prone areas: Chest, Belly, Hips and Lower Back.