Wondering What To Do To Prevent and Repair Stretch Marks?


Wondering how to prevent stretch marks? Just noticed a stretch mark? Does anything work on stretch marks? If you’ve asked any one of these questions, you’re not alone! We’ve all been told stretch marks are genetic but we used to say the same thing about lines and wrinkles. It’s amazing how far how skin science has come! Just like the right ingredients keep skin looking younger, ingredients can make a difference on reducing stretch marks.

Clinical Tests Say Shea Butter is Better For Stretch Marks than Cocoa Butter
Not all ingredients are created equal. Any good moisturizer can claim prevention just by hydrating your skin. For Stretch Mark Prevention, you need ingredients with some proof. At basq nyc, we always turn to clinical testing and visible results. While cocoa butter is well known, it’s never been shown to make a difference on stretch marks in any clinical test. Shea Butter is better butter for marks. In head to head tests against Cocoa Butter, Shea butter comes up the winner.

When it comes to fixing marks, you need ingredients that kickstart rebuild and repair deep down in the dermis of the skin where marks happen. The earlier you start the better because it takes time to build stronger skin. Darutoside, Algisium C and Registryl are three clinically proven ingredients that fuel Collagen and Elastin build. These are the fibers needed to keep skin elastic as it stretches. Think of a stretch mark as an empty ditch. The collagen and elastin are the sticks you’ll use to fill the ditch. But if you just toss them in you’ll have things pointing different ways and jagged edges at the top. Specialized Peptides are skin smart ingredients whose job it is to help organize repair. Now you’ve got a ditch filled with an organized pattern and smooth finish!

Pregnant? Why Starting Stretch Mark Prevention Early Is So Important
Why start preventing stretch marks early during pregnancy? Stretch marks are little tears in the skin that begin deep down when skin is pushed beyond its limits. They take several months to rise so you see them late in pregnancy or early after baby is born. It takes time to build skin strength and repair damage. Start early and get your skin in shape so it’s ready for the stress and stretch of pregnancy.


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