Wellness, Beauty and Bonding at Beauty From the Inside Out Event in TriBeca

We attended a great evening of Wellness, Beauty and Bonding at the Fashionable Hostess Beyond Mom Beauty Event Tuesday evening.  Held at the ultra beautiful Hale Salon in Tribeca, the event was hosted by Randy Zimm, founder of Beyond Mom and Amanda Gluck, founder of The Fashionable Hostess.  The “Beauty from the Inside and Out” night featured fantastic wellness speakers, beauty consultations, massage and acupuncture – we were thrilled to participate and share our philosophy on Wellness and Beauty.

Beyond Mom Social Gatherings for New York City-Area Moms from Randi Zinn

Randy’s Beyond Mom offers social gatherings for New York City-area moms to embrace a life “Beyond Mom” as creators, businesswomen, thinkers, friends, and so much more. We love her ability to join women from all backgrounds and interests for collaborative exchanges that are informative, uplifting, thought provoking and fun!  Check out all Randi’s great information and video series at Randi Zinn’s website.

A few of our favorite tips from Randi are:

  • Get Strong in Your Body.
  • Cultivate Subjects Unrelated to Motherhood.
  • Focus on One Thing at a Time.
  • Contentment–It’s Not the Arrival, But the Journey.

Lisa with Randi Zinn

Want to Live a Fashionable Life? Look No Further Than Advice from Amanda Gluck and Fashionable Hostess

Looking for the perfect party arrangements? Fashion finds? Decorating tips? Perfect gifts? Exotic recipes? — Amanda Gluck us your girl! You’ll find Amanda has answers and advice on living a truly fashionable life from head-to-toe. Hard to believe she is three weeks from her due date with baby #2 . She has energy and positivity that is addicting.

image 2

Amanda Gluck founder Fashionabe Hostess setting up!

Five of the Best Beauty Foods

We loved the talk by Nutritionist and Health Coach, Arielle Haspel regarding the best “Beauty Foods.” She makes staying on a clean diet so easy and gave some simple tips to get started:

Water – Drink tons of water all day long!! How much take your body weight, divide in half and drink that many ounces.  130 lbs you drink 75 ounces.

Fruit – keep fresh fruit cut and accessible through out your day – great for snacking and meals

Vinegar – great anti-toxin

Seaweed – Great way fight off toxins, plus makes a healthy snack.

Pineapple – Tastes great and is full of healthy enzymes that promote better digestion and packed with vitaminC.  Use as a sweetener – especially for juicing.

See Airelle’s tips, recipes and recommendations!

image 3
Airelle Haspel, Lisa & Friend sampling our Lavender Sleep Mist

Vanessa Coppes of Bella NYC Magazine on How to Enjoy Womanhood in the Modern World

Vanessa Coppes is a mother, social entrepreneur, writer and the Social Media and Marketing Director for Bella NYC Magazine. She gave an insightful talk on her experiences, life lessons and advice on how to enjoy womanhood in our modern world. Her new book Five Steps to Fabulousness discusses her journey towards grace and a guide for how all of us can look and feel our best everyday. Looking forward to meeting Vanessa next week for some more in depth talk! And check back for some more in depth coverage on Vanessa and her book.

basq 2
Kelli with our new friends Joe (Owner) and Josefa (Manager) from Hale Organic Salon the most environmentally friendly salon in New York City!


Anna Julien, Founder The Baby Bump Diaries, stopped for some basq NYC pampering – check out her thoughts on Motherhood in NYC at www.thebabybumpdiaries.com.

Quiana Agbai of Harlem Love Birds got a well deserved massage from basq NYC Co Founer Kelli Kenny.Quiana is overdue and waiting!!



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