basq loves…

Launching and running a business requires a lot of focus, hard work and thinking out of the box. Over the last several years we’ve come across many people, places and things that inspired us — here are some of our favorites!

People We Love: Cody McBurnett, Owner, Loki Loki Branding and Design

PeopleWeLove-CodyMcBurnettThere are a lot of reasons we spotlight Cody – not the least of which is her incredible talent and gregarious personality. She is the brains behind our new site – which we simply love – and has a brand understanding and vision that is supremely special. Clients describe her as “insanely practical” “brilliant” “ridiculously hard working” and the list goes on and on. We couldn’t agree more. She was expecting as we embarked on the new website which made the project even more special!

I get inspiration for my work from…
The amazingly strong and successful women in my life, from my mom to the clients I get to work with on a daily basis, are a source of constant inspiration. Creatively, I get a lot of inspiration from my travels and, of course, Pinterest is always great!

My favorite thing about NYC is…
Everything! But if I had to pick just one… I really enjoy spending an afternoon walking in the park then sipping champagne in the Kelly Wearstler-designed BG Restaurant on the 7th floor Bergdorf Goodman.

Biggest business challenge?
I find going to structured networking events painful—I just want to be creative!

Last time I tried something new?
Does pregnancy count? Because I feel like something’s new every single day lately!

My must-have beauty or fashion item is…
RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer (Don’t tell anyone, but this glow is not due to the pregnancy!)

Best advice I’ve received…
Be authentic, do what you love to do, and success will follow.

Worst advice I’ve received…
“Take every opportunity that comes your way.” It’s actually much more rewarding to have a mission and make sure that what you do advances that mission.

Favorite basq NYC product?
Advanced Stretch Mark Butter—36 weeks so far and not a mark!

My personal mantra is…
TCB. Taking Care of Business!

Visit Cody’s website at and check back here for Cody’s updates post-baby!

PeopleWeLove-CodyMcBurnett-WaylonUPDATE: It’s a boy! Cody’s son, Waylon Julian Douglasson, was born on June 9, 2014. Cody’s maternal family is from Iceland and Waylon’s last name follows their naming tradition of dad’s first name (in this case, Douglas) plus -son (for a boy) or -dóttir (for a girl). His middle name is an homage to The Strokes’ lead singer as Cody and her husband were on their way home from their concert when labor began! Cody is loving motherhood and is excited to raise her son in New York City.


Places We Love: Tribeca NYC

“Tribeca” comes from the Acronym Triangle Below Canal Street.  We love the energy, stylish people and amazing restaurants in this neighborhood.  Here are five things we love:

tiribeca1. Tribeca scenery: Lots of former industrial buildings that have been transformed into residential housing and diverse stores.  Tons of beautiful boutiques mix with the eccentric, too.

citibike2. Transportation. In TriBeCa, there are Citibikes everywhere–the best way to navigate the complicated downtown one way streets.

vespa3. Unique Restaurants: Where else can you see a Vespa parked inside a restaurant?

HeirloomTomatoSaladAtTribecaGrand4. Great Design: Delicious food and incredible décor at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.

FreshSangria5. Fresh Sangria to go anyone? A perfect summertime treat!