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Launching and running a business requires a lot of focus, hard work and thinking out of the box. Over the last several years we’ve come across many people, places and things that inspired us — here are some of our favorites!

People We Love: Mahri Relin, Owner, Body Conceptions

Spotlight on Mahri Relin, Owner of Body Conceptions! Mahri inspires us through her entrepreneurial drive, can do attitude and boundless energy. Incorporating her experience as a professional dancer, Tracy Anderson Method trainer and creative director for Flybarre, Mahri founded Body Conceptions – a NY based full body training method that lengthens muscles and sculpts. Dynamic movements, cardio, and dance – coupled high energy play lists – are a sure fire way to improve fitness and sense of well being. Her masters Clinical Pscychology makes her uniquely qualified to motivate clients across the age and fitness spectrum. Body Conception has been featured in Vogue, Fitness Magazine, NY tImes amongst many other national publications. Check out Mahri’s website at

PeopleWeLove-MahriRelinI get inspiration for my work from…
I have always loved helping people. My academic background is in clinical psychology, and I have always sought ways to support and help others through my performing career in the city. Once I began my work in fitness, I loved the ways I could help my clients feel better about themselves and their relationships with their bodies. And seeing them feel stronger and happier changed my own life.

I have to add, too, that I have a creative side that has truly inspired me in my work as well. I love finding new ways to use dance-based movement to shape muscles and transform the body. I’m also a huge music lover, and I have so much fun finding music to drive my workouts!

My favorite thing about NYC is…
The opportunity! As a dancer in both the modern dance and theater worlds, I was amazed at all the amazing opportunities to perform and to travel all over the world. Now in the fitness scene, I am so excited by all the people in the fitness community who are doing such exciting things and who have become great friends and partners. Basq is a great example of this!

Biggest business challenge?
Realizing my own limits. I’m the kind of person who wants to accomplish the very best and do it all myself. Business has truly taught me the importance of getting in touch with my limitations and finding great people to help me.

Last time I tried something new?
Oh my goodness – I feel like being an entrepreneur means that I’m ALWAYS walking into unfamiliar territory! I’m constantly meeting new people, trying new ideas, considering new directions and tactics. It can be scary sometimes, but it’s also very exciting. It’s all about staying open but also staying as grounded as possible.

My must-have beauty or fashion item is…
My Running Crops from Lolé. I live in fitness clothes every day, and these crops are so flattering, versatile, and comfortable. I tell all my clients to get them!

Best advice I’ve received…
In my graduate program in San Diego, a fellow doctoral student told me she believed that nothing in the world was too difficult to accomplish. I think so any of our limitations are self-imposed, and her advice honestly gave me the courage to pursue my career in dance and to start my own business. There are always obstacles out there, but my belief that they could be overcome helped me get to the place I’m in today!

Worst advice I’ve received…
Fear of the unknown is the worst obstacle, in my opinion. I have been advised against doing things several times in my life by people who were afraid of what “might happen.” You never know, and I have made the most amazing changes to my life because I managed to jump into new situations that I knew in my heart were best for me. I’m not the most courageous person, but I try to challenge the fear in me that’s purely hypothetical.

Favorite basq NYC product?
I’m obsessed with Basq’s Lavender Pear Resilient Body Oil. It smells so light and feminine, and the oil works so well on my dry skin. This oil is really effective at preventing stretch marks and toning and hydrating the skin during pregnancy, but I honestly use it every day because it gives my body great.

My personal mantra is…
Operate in life and business with as much authenticity, kindness, openness, integrity and humor as possible.


Places We Love: Tribeca NYC

“Tribeca” comes from the Acronym Triangle Below Canal Street.  We love the energy, stylish people and amazing restaurants in this neighborhood.  Here are five things we love:

tiribeca1. Tribeca scenery: Lots of former industrial buildings that have been transformed into residential housing and diverse stores.  Tons of beautiful boutiques mix with the eccentric, too.

citibike2. Transportation. In TriBeCa, there are Citibikes everywhere–the best way to navigate the complicated downtown one way streets.

vespa3. Unique Restaurants: Where else can you see a Vespa parked inside a restaurant?

HeirloomTomatoSaladAtTribecaGrand4. Great Design: Delicious food and incredible décor at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.

FreshSangria5. Fresh Sangria to go anyone? A perfect summertime treat!