basq loves…

Launching and running a business requires a lot of focus, hard work and thinking out of the box. Over the last several years we’ve come across many people, places and things that inspired us — here are some of our favorites!

People We Love: Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Women’s Advocate Vanessa Coppes

Meeting Vanessa Coppes has been a wonderful experience. She is enthusiastic, super smart, warm and living her dream. Vanessa is a woman of many talentsm – an accomplished stylist/jeweler/makeup artist at an early age – and now a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker and women’s advocate. She is also a wife and mom of two adorable boys! Vanessa is the founder of The Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms, Social Media Director for Bella New York Magazine, and author of 5 Ways to Fabulous. She advocates strong, lasting relationships with women as the catalyst for success and a living each day to your fullest, authentic self.  See all the wonderful things Vanessa is up to at

PeopleWeLove-VanessaCoppesI get inspiration for my work from…
My ability to get through my day greatly depends on the relationship I have with other women. That connection to other women who “get it” fuels me everyday.

My favorite thing about NYC is…
The energy, the feeling that anything is possible here.

Biggest business challenge?
Asking for and accepting help.

Last time I tried something new?
Change is something I work on every day. I do something big or small, uncomfortable or scary every day. I’ve learned it helps get you out of your own way.

My must-have beauty or fashion item is…
A smile first, great shoes second :)

Best advice I’ve received…
Listen to your gut and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Worst advice I’ve received…
Motherhood and career don’t mix. Ha!

Favorite basq NYC product?
REVIVE FIRMING BODY OIL: I love how it smells and how soft and silky it leaves my skin.

My personal mantra is…
Today, I choose joy.


Places We Love: Tribeca NYC

“Tribeca” comes from the Acronym Triangle Below Canal Street.  We love the energy, stylish people and amazing restaurants in this neighborhood.  Here are five things we love:

tiribeca1. Tribeca scenery: Lots of former industrial buildings that have been transformed into residential housing and diverse stores.  Tons of beautiful boutiques mix with the eccentric, too.

citibike2. Transportation. In TriBeCa, there are Citibikes everywhere–the best way to navigate the complicated downtown one way streets.

vespa3. Unique Restaurants: Where else can you see a Vespa parked inside a restaurant?

HeirloomTomatoSaladAtTribecaGrand4. Great Design: Delicious food and incredible décor at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.

FreshSangria5. Fresh Sangria to go anyone? A perfect summertime treat!