Resilient Body Stretch Mark Oil

Our award-winning, top selling body oil with 100% pure plant oils fights stretch marks and soothes itchiness. Omegas, antioxidants and skin toners all in one beautiful blend.

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Wondering How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Our award winning, top selling oil is the gold standard of stretch mark protection and repair for the big stretch and beyond. 100% natural, plant based oils build elasticity in the lower layers of skin where stretch marks form. Hazelnut, sunflower and sweet almond oils provide intense nourishment to relieve itching and keep skin hydrated. Rosehip oil’s super omegas heal scars and restore normal skin color. And Grapeseed oil restructures damaged, stressed skin. Protect your belly, chest and hips while remedying taut, itchy skin.

How To Prevent Permanent Stretch Marks

Apply Resilient Body Stretch Mark Oil daily. Best if used after a warm shower. Apply liberally to stretch mark danger zones on the tummy, breasts, lower back and hips twice daily.

Benefits of Hazelnut Oil

This light, golden oil tones and moisturizes. Refined through a cold press method, Hazelnut has a super high content of core essential fatty acids, Oleic Acid, Palmitoleic Acid & Linoleic Acid proven to fortify and strengthen skin. Its astringent, antibacterial properties refine and tighten for improved tone and smoother texture. view all ingredients

“This sweet smelling oil will keep your skin moisturized and toned thanks to its careful mixture of oils. I love adding a capful to a warm bath and stepping out later feeling silky and taut.”

– Heidi Klum


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  1. Lifesaver

    Lifesavers for protecting against stretch marks and they help you look and feel gorgeous.

  2. LOVE this product!!!

    “LOVE this product!!! My girlfriend sent me a whole package of basq products after I had my baby. The Resilient Body Oil is now a must have in my bathroom!!”

  3. No Stretch Marks

    I used this oil my entire pregnancy and didn’t see a single Stretch Mark. The smell reminds me of going to the spa. Resilient Body Oil really helps with my dry skin all the time so I use it as an extra moisturizer even when I’m not pregnant.”


    “This stuff is INCREDIBLE. I mean, stop shopping around for other oils and creams, add this to your cart and buy it! Not sticky, not greasy- just smoothing, hydrating, and most importantly- relieves my pregnancy itch and skin dehydration. Try this stuff- you will be IN LOVE. ”