Mega Moisture Cream

Wrap your skin in mega moisture for strong, resilient skin. Illipe butter complex, whipped with fortifying body oils, literally transforms skin for a silky, soft look and feel. May just be the most compelling body butter you’ll ever use.

5.5 oz | $32

SKU: 05-MM5.5.

our richest moisturizing body butter

INTENSE NOURISHMENT TO BUILD STRONG, RESILIENT SKIN. Illipe Butter Complex delivers Ultra Hydrating Nutrition that literally transforms dry, stressed skin. Packed with Essential Fatty Acids that reinforce lipidic barrier for elasticity and tone. Triple rich blend of Illipe, Shea and Jojoba butters replenishes dry, stressed skin. Whipped with fortifying body oils Borage seed, Grapeseed and Coconut for head to toe nutrition and silky finish. Absorbs fast where skin needs it most and replenishes from the inside out. The rich, creamy texture gives a new kind of softness to elbows, knees, and heels. Lasting moisture leaves skin stronger, more resilient and super toned.

moisturize dry skin with illipe butter

Use all over body year-round to nourish and fortify winter-worn, over-sunned skin and over stressed skin. Best when applied after a warm shower.

Illipe What?

Harvested from the South Pacific Shorea Stenoptera Tree, the Illipe nut is supremely nutritive and rich in fatty acids. It reinforces the lipidic barrier of your skin by locking in moisture. Palmitic, Stearic and Oleic fatty acids bring flexibility and elasticity to the skin. Illipe has been shown to soothe and smooth even sensitive eczema prone skin. view all ingredients

The Better Butters: Shea, Jojoba, & Illipe

When it comes to damage repair and skin toning, Shea, Illipe and Jojoba are the better butters. Step aside Cocoa Butter, Shea is the only one in head-to-head testing proven to build elasticity, strengthen skin and smooth marks. Essential fatty acids make it exceptionally moisturizing while Vitamins A, D and F promote healing and cell regeneration. For those looking for a rich feel and transforming results, Illipe is the ultimate! While Cocoa butter is a heavy butter that coats the skin, Illipe is incredibly fast absorbing with a rich creamy feel. Packed with palmitic, stearic and oleic fatty acids, it fuels flexibility and elasticity. Finally, Jojoba is a wonder oil that acts like a butter. Ultra nourishing, jojoba is packed with Vitamins E and B plus minerals like chromium, copper, and zinc, that nourish and protect skin, heal damage and even tone.


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  1. So Happy

    I was dry and itchy so someone recommended I try this butter. I’m so happy I did. Smells and feels great.

  2. So Smooth

    This Butter makes my skin feel so smooth. I appreciate that the smell is neutral so not to interfere with perfume.