Lavender Soy Candle

Soothing Lavender Soy Candle. All natural soy wax is hand poured into a frosted glass dome. The calming scent of lavender refreshes rooms and promotes sleep and relaxation.

6 oz | $24


Reduce Stress with Our Lavender Candle

Lavender has been used throughout time to reduce stress, promote relaxation and a greater sense of well-being. Blended into rich soy wax, lavender diffuses gently throughout the room. Pure soy burns clean and lasts longer. Soy wax also diffuses aromas more effectively, letting you enjoy the soft lavender scent quickly and deeply. Candles are hand poured in frosted glass globe; dome lid preserves freshness and adds a modern style making it a beautiful decorative accessory. Wax is biodegradable and non-toxic.

Create a Spa Experience at Home

For deep relaxation and stress reduction, remove dome cover and light candle. Recover after each use to preserve the fresh aroma of the lavender oil. Burn time approx. 30 hours.

Lavender Promotes Restful Sleep

For centuries, lavender has been used for its sleep properties. With 39 plant varieties, lavandula officinalis is especially prized for its rich aroma and purity. Gathered in clusters, the buds are pressed to release a purifying, soothing essential oil known for its curative benefits. view all ingredients

The Story of Soy Candles

We love soy based candles because it is a natural, 100% vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans. After harvesting, the beans are cleaned, cracked, de-hulled, and rolled into flakes. The oil is extracted from the flakes and hydrogenated. Soy's greatest advantage is that it is completely renewable! Candles are hand poured in frosted glass globe with beautiful dome lid to preserve freshness. The modern style making it a beautiful decorative accessory.