Lavender Mist: 3 for the Price of 2

Mist and enjoy instant relaxation. Use during the day to freshen every room and neutralize odors. Use in the evenings or before a nap, Lavender is the best remedy for deeper, more restful sleep.

3 units 4 oz Bottles | $45 $30

SKU: 13-MST-3pc.

Freshen Rooms and Neutralize Odors

Use this wonderfully light scented mist throughout the day to freshen rooms and neutralize odors. Mist in the evening to soothe and relax. Lavender is proven to help everyone sleep more soundly and deeply. Softened with a touch of pear, this mist has an airy green side that balances the lavender perfectly. Also wonderful misted on towels, its an easy way to bring a little spa feel into your home.

Bring the Spa Experience Home

Mist any room with the refreshing, light lavender aroma. Great for misting pillows and sheets too.

Lavender Mist

Lavender Promotes Restful Sleep

For centuries lavender has been used for its properties that help with sleep. While there are 39 plant varieties, lavandula officinalis is especially prized for its rich aroma and pure quality. Gathered in clusters, the buds are pressed to release a purifying, slightly antiseptic essential oil known for its curative benefits. The mind has a natural chemical reaction to aroma and lavender has been proven in clinical studies to promote longer, deeper more restful sleep. view all ingredients

The Benefits of Sleep for Your Skin

Beauty sleep has real benefits. When it comes to glowing skin, don't knock a good nights sleep. A sleepless night really shows, from under eye bags to a lack of luster. But a good night sleep is an anti-stress and anti- aging wonder! Your skin renews itself as you sleep with new cells replacing the old. Your body also runs through a series of metabolic and hormonal changes that renew your system and give your skin a gorgeous glow. But there's so much more to the story! Medical studies have shown a solid sleep improves memory, health, longevity, creativity and success. Not to mention it's the secret to a trim figure! So feel free to sleep in, it’s amazing how much you’re actually getting done.