Bright Eyes Cucumber Tea Gel

Tired of puffy eyes? Cucumber Tea Eye Gel instantly smoothes morning puffiness, wakes up tired eyes and reduces lines. Soothing and cooling, it’s a perfect way to kick start your day.

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A Cure for Puffy Eyes

Revive your tired, puffy eyes. This antioxidant rich cucumber, green tea formula smoothes puffy eyes and fine lines while providing you with an instant refreshing wake-up. Ideal before bedtime as a deep treatment or in the morning as a smoothing primer. Balancing and protective at the same time, this blend instantly soothes away fatigue while replenishing texture and for bright youthful eyes.

How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Apply a light layer of Cucumber Tea Eye Gel under the eye area in the morning before make-up application. For deeper treatment, use a thicker layer in the evening before sleep. Keep in the fridge for an even greater refreshing feel.

Benefits of Cucumber

Cucumber is rich in moisture and has a high water content. It replenishes the skin’s natural barrier while its soothing properties reduce puffiness. Cucumber is also a terrific natural source of vitamin C and caffeic acid--both known to reduce swelling quickly. view all ingredients

Green Tea Remedies Tired-Looking Eyes

Green tea extract is derived from leaves of Camellia sinensis and associated with several skin benefits. It is a curative wonder for soothing irritation reducing swelling, fighting damage and balancing skin. There is evidence that green tea blocks enzymes that degrade the skin matrix. The matrix is responsible for the skin's firmness, strength and suppleness. The weaker the matrix, the more wrinkles, roughness and slack. Tea extract blocks collagenase and elastase – enzymes that make it difficult for skin to regenerate collagen and elastin – the building blocks of healthy, strong skin. The well-documented antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of topical green tea polyphenols slow down the signs of skin damage and aging for improved look and feel. For areas of swelling or puffy tired eye area, Tannins found in green tea act as gentle astringents that draw out irritation and reduce swelling for a refreshed look.


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  1. Helps with puffy eyes

    Very refreshing and nice. I use in the morning to make my eyes look better. Cold to the touch – helps with puffy eyes.”

  2. Exhausted

    I have a new baby and am exhausted. A friend gave me this and it is great. It has a little cooling feel that wakes me right up. I love it.

  3. Love

    I love using eye gel/cream since I get pretty bad bags under my eyes. Most of the products I have used tend to be heavy or too fragrant, but I absolutely love Basq’s cucumber tea soothing eye gel! It is light to the touch and not at all oily and smells so fresh.