Advanced Stretch Mark Butter

Intensive treatment for Stretch Mark Prevention & Repair. Clinically Proven Ingredients, scar healing Essential Oils and Butters for targeted mark protection. Award winner!

4 fl oz | $35

SKU: 11-SMB.

Use the Most Advanced Solution for Stretch Mark Prevention and Minimization.

Clinically Proven Ingredients, essential oils known for scar prevention, and rich butters for nourishment and toning — all in one butter. Darutoside and Algisium C are powerful treatment ingredients proven in clinical testing to combat and repair stretch marks by regenerating elastin fibers. Borage, Rosehip and Grapeseed oils deliver skin strengthening essential fatty acids deep within the dermis layer to prevent damage and scar formation. Whipped Shea and Jojoba butters provide rich, creamy nourishment to stretched skin with a buttery texture women love.  Absorbs instantly – never sits on top! Light, refreshing scent that blends beautifully with all basq body care products.

Prevent Future and Minimize Existing Stretch Marks

Use daily on Stretch Mark prone areas on the breasts, belly, lower back, hips and thighs.  For existing stretch marks and scars apply twice daily to affected area.

Need To Repair and Prevent Stretch Marks?

Darutoside is a powerful ingredient proven in clinical testing to combat and repair stretch marks by regenerating collagen and elastin fibers. These are the fibers that keep the skin matrix strong and elastic. As the skin stretches, these fibers expand, but when pushed too far, can break. Stretch mark prevention comes from strengthening these fibers. Repair comes from building new fibers. As the skin heals, new collagen and elastin fibers help smooth and strengthen the skin making damage less obvious.

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“There are tons of belly creams out there, but I’ve really gravitated toward basq. It’s kept my tummy smooth and tight my whole pregnancy and I’m not left with a greasy mess.”

– Jamie-Lynn Sigler


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  1. Really Works!

    With my first pregnancy I did not use any creams for stretch marks. Sure enough I started developing stretch marks. I kept hearing people saying how great this product worked! Two months later I got pregnant and started using the basq product right away! Im currently 7 months pregnant and do not have one new stretch mark! My old stretch marks are disappearing! basq products really do work!”

  2. Yummy

    Fell in love with it from the moment I tried it. Smells amazing and makes me feel so soft and yummy

  3. Amazing Product

    “I swear by it! Currently, I am 8 months pregnant and have yet to see one stretch mark on my ever expanding belly. I have told all of my girlfriends and pretty much anyone that will listen about how amazing this product is.”