9 Month Stretch Essentials Kit

Three easy steps to Mark Free Skin. Exfoliate, Protect and Treat. The must have Body Essentials for stretch mark prevention and repair all in one super value kit.

Citrus Sugar Perfecting Scrub 4 oz , Resilient Body Stretch Mark Oil 2 oz, Advanced Stretch Mark Butter 4 oz | $52


Protect skin from stretch marks

Three essential steps to prevent and repair stretch marks in one value kit. Citrus Sugar Skin Perfecting jump starts skin turnover, sweeps away dry surface and preps for prevention and repair. Advanced Stretch Mark Butter brings you the most advanced solution for stretch mark prevention with powerful ingredients proven in clinical. Follow or alternate with Resilient Body Stretch Mark Oil – Omega rich oil to build skin elasticity and resiliency. Oils specifically selected for their ability to prevent scar formation and heal skin damage. All have light, refreshing scents you’ll love. A $60 Value priced at only $52.

how to prevent stretch marks

Use Citrus Skin Perfecting Scrub in the shower in circular movements. Rinse. Apply

Advanced Stretch Mark Butter to stretch mark zones: Chest, Belly, Hips and Lower Back. Resilient Body Stretch Mark Oil can be applied all over to help skin stay strong, resilient and nourished. Best if applied before Stretch Mark Butter (layer the butter on top) or alternate between the two day and night.

Need To Repair and Prevent Stretch Marks?

Darutoside is a powerful ingredient proven in clinical testing to combat and repair stretch marks by regenerating collagen and elastin fibers. These are the fibers that keep the skin matrix strong and elastic. As the skin stretches, these fibers expand, but when pushed too far, can break. Stretch mark prevention comes from strengthening these fibers. Repair comes from building new fibers. As the skin heals, new collagen and elastin fibers help smooth and strengthen the skin making damage less obvious.

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“There are tons of belly creams out there, but I’ve really gravitated toward basq. It’s kept my tummy smooth and tight my whole pregnancy and I’m not left with a greasy mess.”

– Jamie-Lynn Sigler


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  1. (verified owner)

    My Sister In Law is pregnant and due very soon! I gave her this 9 Month Stretch Essentials Kit a few months ago…she loved the products and found them to be very helpful in her quest to keep her skin during pregnancy perfect! She thought the citrus sugar body polish was a delightful scent and the exfoliation of the polish left her skin always bright looking. Her favorite was the stretch mark butter – not only did it smell yummy but it has helped keep her stretch marks at a minimum. The resilient body oil left her skin feeling soft but never greasy. She is excited to continue to use these great products!