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What makes Basq different from everyday skin care?

Skin strength comes from reinforcing Collagen & Elastin fibers, the building blocks of the skin matrix. Basq products are designed to fuel rebuild, repair and strength. We blend Essential fatty acids, Vitamins and Minerals that go beyond nourishing the skin, they trigger turnover and renewal while reinforcing strength and tone. Whether you are seeking toning & firming or repair and renewal, visible results start deep down. Our products are built to fuel elasticity and resiliency.

For pregnancy, products must work on elasticity build, damage repair and tone. Stretch Mark require specific ingredient that address damage both for prevention and repair. Everyday skin care isn’t built for the needs of stretching skin. Basq goes beyond moisturizing and works on the deeper impact of stretching and hormone shifts. From stretch marks and breakouts to fatigue and trouble sleeping, the basq line offers targeted solutions with appropriate ingredients tested for safety, irritancy and allergy. Using the science of aromacology, the scents and oils chosen have been selected based on what is safe and soothing for this time.

Can anyone use the basq pregnancy line?

A simple answer – yes! Our products are built for the most sensitive skin undergoing the most extreme challenges. Anyone looking to rebuild and strengthen will love the line. We all have areas that could use a do-over. The basq line is a sure bet for anyone seeking serious results and it’s ideal for those with sensitive skin.

What make our aromas special?

basq products are based on the science of aromacology — blending scents to have a positive effect on the mind. We use plants and flowers to brighten, soothe, calm and uplift. Each product offers a unique aroma that adds to the texture experience and enhances the beauty.

What does the name basq mean?

Quite simply: basq …Grab a few moments to care for yourself and Enjoy!

We are all short on time and there seem to be just a few moments each day we take for ourselves. We want you to enjoy! Breathe in, relax and feel fantastic in your own skin. Addictive aromas, gorgeous textures and ingredients that deliver results make the products a pure pleasure.

How is the basq pregnancy line developed?

We work with experts in the all fields skin science, aroma oils, product safety, toxicology and women’s health. We are constantly researching ingredients and we interview thousands of pregnant and new mothers each year. Before launching, we had the line reviewed by hundreds of doctors and midwives and we are fulfilling requests for samples by hospitals and private practices.

What makes basq right for pregnancy?

At basq, we take many steps to ensure safety:

  • Expert team of advisors from the fields of Aromatherapy, Cosmetic Chemistry, Product Safety and Women’s Health.
  • Products are tested for sensitivity and allergy by an independent clinical lab.
  • Ingredients are screened for appropriateness based on The Cosmetic Toiletry Fragrance Association and the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Board guidelines.
  • Extensive research on essential oils safety is conducted, using opinions from medical and aromatherapy experts.
  • Exclusion of any oil whose safety was at all questioned by industry experts.

how to prevent stretch marks

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are small, depressed streaks in the skin caused by tiny tears in the elastic supportive tissue that lies just underneath the skin to help it stretch. Stretch marks usually appear on the abdomen in the later stages of pregnancy when the belly is rapidly expanding to accommodate a growing baby. Women can also get them on their buttocks, thighs, hips, or breasts. Stretch marks can often appear after dramatic weight loss or growth spurts and are treated the same way.

Does every woman get stretch marks?

Many women do not get stretch marks. Many women have been able to prevent marks even with family members showing a tendency to mark. While genetics matter, skin condition and skin care routine are very important when it comes to stretch marks. Today’s experts agree that the occurrence of stretch marks is highly dependent upon how elastic one’s skin is and that is usually a matter of genetics and rate of weight gain. In addition, the amount and speed of stretching impacts the likelihood of stretch marks as well. Gaining weight rapidly, carrying multiples or a big baby can impact whether you get stretch marks.

Can stretch marks be prevented?

Women can do a lot in the fight to prevent stretch marks. Bolstering the skin’s elasticity and resiliency with deep, regular hydration is the best preventative defense. Experts recommend that women hydrate and nourish their skin several times daily both as they try to prevent stretch marks and help skin bounce back after pregnancy.

How does Basq Resilient Body Stretch Mark Oil work?

The blend includes a powerful combination of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s )rich oils that fuel collagen and elastin build. As skin stretches, these fibers can weaken. They need support and renewal. This oil is designed to reinforce the skin with deep hydration and a mega dose of nourishment that targets scars and mark. Skin strengthening Vitamin E Wheat Germ, Grapeseed and Rosehip Oil and Eucalyptus work to replenish deep down while soothing itching.

Why are EFAs important in skin hydration?

Skin research has shown the EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) help nourish the skin so it can keep it natural resiliency and bounce. EFAs are a part of the lipid layer, and help maintain the suppleness and elasticity of skin. They cannot be ingested by taking vitamins orally but must be absorbed through the skin. These fats have long been known as necessary for the body’s functioning, their deficiency results in the skin losing moisture and leading to hardening and drying. Only recently, however, has their role in skincare become clearly understood and EFAs are now widely used in products for intensive skincare. Basq’s oils which include Hazelnut, Sweet Almond, Rosehip, Grapeseed, Sunflower and Wheatgerm are rich in EFA’s. These oils are quickly absorbed by the skin and their benefit is they work with the body to naturally nourish and replenish skin as it stretches.

How do Vitamin E rich ingredients help skin?

When applied to the skin, vitamin E is believed to promote healing, protecting cells from free-radical damage and reducing itchiness. Its key biological function is to protect lipids from oxidation and free radicals. Lipids are the building blocks of healthy, strong skin cells.

What does Wheatgerm Oil (Triticum aestivum) contribute?

A primary element in keeping skin healthy is making sure the structure of the epidermis (outer layer of skin) is intact. Wheat germ Oil is a natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and helps prevent individual skin cells from losing water creating the smooth, non-flaky appearance of healthy, intact skin. It is also a valuable source of Vitamin E and a natural antioxidant. Wheat Germ Oil is used to prevent and reduce scarring and speeds up healing of cuts and wounds.

how to balance skin & clear blemishes

What causes a woman’s skin to breakout during pregnancy?

During pregnancy elevated hormone levels can bring a variety of skin changes, including blemishes and unbalanced skin. As hormone levels rise, pores production of oil increases, leading to oily skin. In some pregnancies, the increased oil can cause that wonderful “pregnancy glow” that some women get. But for others, oily skin can mean an uneven complexion on the face and body.

Are adult blemishes common?

Yes – hormonal changes affects skin at all ages. Exfoliation is critical for sweeping away impurities. Oak root extract is rich in tannins that balance and clarify all skin types without stripping. When it comes to clearing skin issues, the trick is to hydrate and clarify without stripping.

How does the Basq Rebalancing Cleanser work to treat skin?

Gentle micro bead exfoliators lift away surface dirt, impurities and dead skin cells. Oak Root extract, a mild astringent that causes no irritation, works to gently clarify the skin. A rich emollient blend that includes ylang ylang helps to balance, soothe and replenish skin. After each wash, a real difference in skin texture is noticeable and skin brightens with a natural balance and glow.

How does exfoliating help balance skin?

Once the dead and damaged skin cells are removed (exfoliated) the outer layer of skin feels softer, smoother, and reflects light easier for a more youthful glow. Exfoliation removes plugged pores and allows for the release of natural oils that keep skin healthy. In addition, regular exfoliation decreases pore size and minimizes many types of superficial scars. All of the above contribute to making the skin look tighter, healthier, and more youthful.

What is the “pregnancy glow”?

This facial shine actually has a biological basis. The increased volume of blood causes the cheeks to take on a blush, because of the many blood vessels just below the skin’s surface. On top of this redness, the increased secretions of the oil glands give the skin a waxy sheen. The flushed face on some pregnant women is similar to the one non-pregnant people experience when they are excited, cry, or do anything that increases their heart rate (which pregnancy does constantly.)

Why does skin get drab looking after birth?

Shifts in your hormones can have an effect on the hydration of skin as well as the overall glow. Often when skin looks dull, there is the need to better turn over cells to help rejuvenate skin and reveal more youthful skin. Natural skin exfoliation sometimes needs assistance. For example, when the skin type is oily, the skin has difficulty exfoliating or sloughing off the dead skin cells, due to the sticky nature of oil. When the skin type is dry, dead skin accumulates quickly creating a dull appearance to the skin, in addition to, inhibiting effective natural skin exfoliation and needed moisture absorption. Gentle daily exfoliation will help skin turnover to improve condition. Hydration is also critical to restoring luster and should be done daily.

concerns over fatigue & swelling

What causes swollen feet and legs during pregnancy?

During pregnancy the body produces approximately 50% more blood and body fluids to meet the needs of the developing fetus. This increase in fluid volume accounts for 25% of all weight gained during the course of pregnancy. The increased body volume translates into swelling, called edema, usually occurring in the feet, legs and ankles but also in the hands and face. Swelling starts to be noticeable in the fifth month and can increase during the third trimester.

How can swelling in legs and ankles be reduced?

Doctors recommend elevating feet for a good 20 minutes to reduce swelling. Not only will raising the feet reduce fluid build up in those areas, it is a wonderful practice to give the body and mind a rest. Other ways swelling can be reduced or minimized are:

  • Avoid standing for long periods
  • Minimize outdoor time when it is hot
  • Have your legs massaged
  • Drink water which helps flush the body and reduce water retention
  • Minimize sodium (salt) intake, avoid adding additional salt to meals

How does Energizing Body help?

This lotion is specifically formulated to give a gentle cooling sensation that lasts long enough to help relieve aching feet and legs. The light gel consistency absorbs quickly, unlike lotions that coat the skin. The wonderful, gentle scent was specifically created to help relax the mind as the gentle tingle of the lotion works to relieve tired legs for a more complete experience.

Which ingredients help to soothe the body?

Green tea, eucalyptus, cucumber, aloe vera – This unique blend helps relieve swelling and is appropriate for use during pregnancy. Peppermint is not used as it has been cautioned against for pregnancy.

Lavender – Infused with a hint of lavender to help soothe the senses. When blended together with the other essential oils, the result is a wonderfully refreshing scent that promotes relaxation.

concerns over trouble sleeping & relaxing

Can Lavender help with sleep?

The mind has a natural chemical reaction to aroma and Lavender has been proven in clinical studies to promote longer, deeper more restful sleep. Gentle yet potent, Lavender is a natural remedy for tension. For centuries Lavender has been used for it sleep properties. While there are 39 plant varieties, Lavandula officinalis is especially prized for its rich aroma and pure quality. Gathered in clusters, the buds are pressed to release a purifying, slightly antiseptic essential oil known for its curative benefits. It is one of the few oils that is proven in tests to improve length and depth of sleep from infants to adults. It is as easy as a deep breath, you will feel your body unwind!

What does Sweet Dreams Oil do?

This unique Lavender blend was created to help women relax and sleep. Lavender is a proven sedative that helps reduce tension, ease stress and relax the body and mind. This synergistic blend includes a pear note and is blended into Sweet Almond Oil to soften the lavender. A lesser known fact is that Lavender also soothes stomach aches.

This oil has many uses for the mind and body. Massage into pulse points before bed for a deeper more restful sleep. Apply a few drops to a warm moistened cloth and place across your face. You’ll soothe tension while you purify skin. Drip in a bath or smooth on damp skin after the shower to nourish and hydrate.