How We Use Aromacology for Physical and Mental Benefits

Aromacology fuses the ancient traditions of aromatherapy with the psychology of how scents affect the mind for a more complete body care experience. Essential oils and plant extracts are traditionally blended for the benefits they serve the body. Scientific studies have shown the dramatic effects scents can have on memory, mood and physical well being.

At basq, We Use the Principles of Aromacology

Grapefruitbasq uses the principles of aromacology when blending every product for a more complete approach to beauty.

Essential oil and plant extract blends are selected for their ability to offer both physical and mental benefits.

We know that trouble sleeping or relaxing can be a real issue so we create unique lavender blends that soothe, relax and help with sleep.

Our Resilient Oils come in three aromas offering customers a choice in benefits that targets their own personal need:

  • citrus blend helps with circulation for those with achy legs or vein trouble;
  • the eucalyptus spa blend helps with fatigue and sluggishness for those feeling tired, heavy or achy;
  • lavender pear helps soothe, relax, improve sleep and ease stomach issues.

Our stretch mark and illipe butters offer a refreshing, uplifting aroma that a gentle boost in the morning while our Energizing Body gel is refreshing and uplifting with a touch of tingle for a true body boost. It’s important and empowering to take time to care for yourself. With a clear head and rejuvenated body, you can rise to any challenge. At basq, we believe in complete beauty – products that go beyond simple solutions and offer complete well being.


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