How Exfoliation Can Give You Great Skin In Time for Summer


This summer give your skin an instant boost with a little gentle exfoliation. When it comes to preventing and fixing skin damage, exfoliation guarantees better results. Gentle skin polishing literally tells the skin to begin a natural rebuild process that builds Collagen and Elastin, the fibers that keep skin strong and elastic. Sloughing—the main activity of exfoliation— jump-starts cellular turnover, pushing damage up and out for stronger, more elastic skin for the big pregnancy stretch and rebound.

Exfoliation is the best natural trick to keeping skin resilient and healthy.

As with all things, what you use to buff matters. At basq, we love Sugar! This is one sweet treat your body will love. Do you know what the two most common ingredients in scrubs are? salt and caffeine. But both salt and caffeine dehydrate your skin. They are often found in scrubs because they leave skin feeling tight but for all the wrong reasons. Scrubs with crushed seeds might sound nice on the packaging, but the edges can actually cause micro tears in skin that can worsen skin damage – especially for taut, stretched skin!

Use a Sugar Scrub for Exfoliation and Polished Skin

Sugar is the perfect skin polisher. The rich natural glycolic acids in sugar help release dry, top skin triggering turnover and damage repair. Our basq Citrus Sugar Polish is loaded with Shea and jojoba Butters plus Omega Rich Grapeseed and Rosehip Oils.

As you polish, your thirsty skin pulls in nutrients found in the oils and butters for skin conditioning and nourishment. Smooth away the dry, dull surface layer in the warmth of the shower and now your skin is ready to drink in rich omegas, vitamins and nutrients that fuel renewal. You’ll love how silky smooth skin feels after a little exfoliation and you’ll be surprised at how healthy your skin looks if you keep it up. In addition, the process of exfoliating massage in the shower can help with water retention common during and post pregnancy. basq’s fresh orange neroli aroma is perfectly blended to give a quick energy boost for mind and body.

For smart skin this Summer, try a little sloughing once or twice a week. It’s the one step you can add to your routine that is guaranteed to make an instant and long term difference!

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