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    When I was about to deliver my first baby, I knew that most of what would happen would be out of my control. When would this baby actually be ready to come out? Would I need to have a C-Section? Would I remember my relaxation breathing?
    I decided to create a comfortable labor environment because it was the one of the few things that I actually could control. I brought relaxing music, lavender spray and massage oil. My husband’s number one job was to spray, massage and keep the music going. Every nurse and doc who walked in made a comment like, “I heard this room was the spa room” or “I wish I could spend my entire shift in this room”
    I really believe that creating this spa like environment got me though a more comfortable labor.


    I totally agree with making your hospital room feel like a spa. Also, I think it is nice to bring your own robe, pillow with colored pillow case(so it is not mixed up with the hospital pillow) slippers, altoids, and pictures of your other children to tape to your new blessings bassinet, so your baby can meet his/her siblings. Also, you need to bring wrapped little gifts so your newborn can give his/her siblings a gift when they visit. I also taped a huge banner for my hospital room’s door and wall. That said Its a Boy or It’s a Girl.
    Good Luck and remember to relax and rest!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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