basq gives back to charity

As mothers, the well being of children and their caretakers is near and dear to our hearts. We partner with organizations whose programs support healthy children, families and futures.


Charity-OperationShower Operation Shower celebrates and honors military families by hosting baby showers for women whose partners are deployed. Operation Shower accomplishes their mission through: hosting amazing baby showers; delivering high-quality products; creating a shared experience; and bringing recognition to military families. Showers are fun filled and a great way to show our appreciation to expecting military families. Basq NYC is honored to be part of these special events. We attend events and providing gifts for every attendee.

Charity-OrphanedStarfishOrphaned Starfish Foundation was co-founded by basq NYC founder Kelli Kenny 2001. The OSF partners with orphanages throughout Latin America, Caribbean and Africa. The orphanage provides safe haven and OSF funds the construction & operation of technology and vocational training facilities. The goals of the programs are: improve learning skills and stimulate interest in education; provide a broader vision of the world;
increase the children’s self-esteem and 
develop skills for self sufficiency. basqNYC supports OSF through financial contributions and Kelli is an active Board Member.