The Nurse Mommy's Review of Basq's Loving Touch

Brooke Ditlow - Monday, July 16, 2012

Nurse Mommy

Basq It's A Small World Products are great for Mom and Baby! Win your Own Gift Set!!

I just discovered a new brand that will now be my go-to baby shower gift! Basq has this product line that is called It’s a Small World. First off, the Loving Touch Gift Set is ALREADY beautifully packaged for you, so you really do not even need to wrap for a shower. It in this beautiful gold box, that I personally plan on keeping as storage later on….and the products are beautifully packaged inside the box. Then, the products are wonderful and simply hold their own. The really amazing thing about them is that they can be used on both Mommy and baby, or in our case Mommy and 5 year old!

So here I am trying out the Lavender Body Butter for Mom and Baby when my almost five year old comes over and decides he “wants to smell good too” So, I applied the butter on him, and we are both now smelling pretty darn awesome, AND we are very moisturized because this is a THICK creamy butter, that does a FANTASTIC job in the moisturizing department as well!

Originally, I did not read the Dream Lavender and Sleep Mist Box very well, and sprayed this on me. Oops…it is apparently a room spray, which smells great. It is pretty light smelling, but totally does the job. As I type this, I am feeling a little sleepy *yawn* or that could just be the pregnancy talking.
My beautifully packaged Loving Touch Gift Set

I just couldn’t bring myself to save the Nourishing Cleansing Bar for Mom and Baby for THE BABY, and have been using it myself. It lathers very well, and has a pretty decent lavender aroma to it! I personally love it, and all things lavender to be honest!

The Lavender Calming Oil is great, but definitely something I will be saving for bedtime for baby. I’ve never been a huge fan of oils and this has a pretty strong scent. I will definitely only be using a small amount on baby at bedtime to help relax and soothe it to sleep.

Again, this will now be my go-to gift set for baby showers! It is WONDERFUL and I am impressed with every single product inside! Every new mom and baby deserves to be pampered, and these products will do just that.