Beat the Winter Blahs

Meghan Wielebski - Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beat the Winter Blahs…..


With the departure of the red diapered cherub, the holiday season is officially over. Although the days are getting longer, spring can seem forever away. Do not despair, Ms. Preggo! Tryout some of basq’s top ways to warm your spirit and bring a little sunshine into your day.

Get Moving!

Exercise causes us to release endorphins and in turn, these brighten our mood. There are many ways to exercise safely and effectively during pregnancy.

Many local gyms, recreation departments and Destination Maternities offer classes designed just for pregnant woman such as: Prenatal Yoga, Pilates and Water Aerobics.


It’s easy to fall into the excuse that you will exercise after the baby arrives, but why wait? The more you do during your pregnancy, the better you are going to feel. The better you feel, the more you will enjoy your pregnancy. See the cycle?


Don’t forget to bring your basq Energizing Body Lotion with you. It is amazing to use on muscles post workout.

Make Some You Time

Life is about to change very quickly over the next few months. A great deal of energy is going toward your wee one-to-be. Take a little time for yourself. Grab your favorite decaf coffee drink, a good book and go get a pedicure. Will anyone besides your hubby actually see your toes anytime soon? Probably not. But what better way to pamper yourself a bit and tryout the new colors for spring?


Devoting time to yourself is an excellent way to relax and in turn, this will amp up your energy.


Girlfriend Time!

Get some of your best girlfriends together and have a few laughs. Dress up and hit the town, maybe checkout a local comedy club. Or make it casual by hitting up a local Redbox (may we suggest Bridesmaids—always a great girl’s night flick) and making mocktails at home. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and fruity drinks, just make them without the alcohol. As they say, “laughter is the best medicine” and who better to share that with than your besties?


Watch what you Eat!

This is the last thing that most of us want to hear, but it is true. Run from foods that are refined and processed. You know, the comfort foods, like white bread and sugar. These foods are low on nutrients, and they drain your energy. Chances are, you are already needing an energy boost while growing another human. If you are craving carbs, try to include complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, fruit and vegetables. These foods not only give you and your baby the nutrients you both need, they also help to stabilize energy and blood sugar.


Get Out in the Sun!

Needing some sunshine in your life? Literally, get out in the sun! Most of us are aware that the sun gives us Vitamin D, but it also causes us to release endorphins, much like exercise. In turn, a short while out in the sun, and we find our outlook to be much improved. This may take some effort on your part. During your lunch break, take your food to go and take a nice walk outside. If you can’t do that, perhaps sit near a window (shades open of course). If all else fails, try replacing the light bulbs near you with Full Spectrum bulbs. Your body will think you were catching some rays.


Of course, be smart with this. Skin tends to be extra sensitive while pregnant. Apply an SPF as needed to avoid becoming sunburned.


Try out some of these tips to find out what works best for you. You deserve it and so does your baby.


By: Meghan Wielebski